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Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham has come a long way since she was 16 and pregnant, but her relationship with her mom, Debra, is still a challenge. Farrah and Debra are extremely close, but Farrah is kind of... well... snarky.

There's no doubt that Debra can be a know-it-all when it comes to baby Sophia, but Farrah can't even contain her eye-rolls when Debra calls up to say a quick hello!

Farrah and her parents have gone to therapy to work on their relationship, but we were shocked by Farrah's reaction during this week's episode of Teen Mom. She completely flew off the handle when her mom questioned her decision to move to Florida!

We get that Farrah wants to do her own thang, but her parents just miss her and want some love. Is she being a little too harsh, or did they deserve a verbal smackdown for being nosy?

Credit: MTV Photo: Teen Mom Sneak Peek: Farrah and Her Sister Argue With Their Mom in Season 4, Episode 6 (VIDEO)

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