Credit: Twitter

It looks like today is just ripe with relationship drama kiddos! First, we were thrown for a loop by Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’s tweet about cheating on hubby, Courtland Rogers, (which she totally didn’t do). Now Jenelle’s ex fiancé, Gary Head, is possibly back with his ex, Jade Dolph!

Gary tweeted a photo of him and ex boo Jade after a night of hanging out with his hands a little too south of the border for our taste.

“@jadedolph my favorite picture of the night,” he captioned. Uh, does that mean that these two are hooking up again? Apparently not.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Gary Head Hangs Out With Ex Girlfriend Jade Dolph

After some intensive snooping on our part, we came across a couple tweets from Jade describing her relationship with Gary.

“I know Gary loves me and he knows I love him but right now the relationship thing isnt working for me. I need more me time and time to hang out with my friends. He gets that.” Aww. Looks like a reunion between these two is nowhere in sight.

And while Gary is all about being a single man these days, there’s no denying that he still thinks about getting back with Jade:

“‘@WifeAndMommy69: @gary_head @jadedolph nobody can deny that y'all look together though #gorgeoustogether’ This is True. Oh well #Friends

Looks like Gary is getting used to being in the “friend zone.”

Do you think Gary Head and his ex girl Jade Dolph should get back together? Weigh in below!