Credit: Splash News

The only place Jenelle Evans hangs out more than Olive Garden is prison. This gal is drawn to jail like a moth to a flame, but the good news? She's finally managed to just say no to orange jumpsuits!

Jenelle has been arrested a whopping seven times, most recently on June 24, 2012 for drug charges including marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance. Jenelle's also been arrested for breaking and entering, cat-fighting her ex-bestie, violating her parole, "communicating threats," violating a "domestic protection order," as well as cyber-stalking.

Nowadays, Jenelle is living a life free of crime and is newly married to her childhood sweetheart, Courtland Rogers. She's clean, sober, and hopes to regain custody of her son, Jace, as soon as possible!

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