Credit: Twitter Photo: Kieffer Delp Tweets a Picture of Himself on Nov. 30, 2012

Our jaws were dropping all over the place during Teen Mom 2's Season 4 finale, in which Jenelle Evans and her wayward boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, admitted to doing hard drugs, and basically whiled away their days getting high and complaining about their loved ones. It was more than a little hard to watch, and we felt terrible for both Jenelle and Kieffer.

Sure, Keef isn't the best boyfriend in the world (that's an understatement), but we wouldn't wish drug addiction on our worst enemy. The good news? Kieffer seems to be clean and sober!

"Everyone f — off I was on dipe [dope]," The Delp tweeted shortly after Teen Mom 2's explosive finale on April 29. "I'm not now I don't care what anyone thinks keep talkin."

Yikes! Looks like Kieffer is more than a little defensive about his drug use, but hey — at least he's cleaned up his act. As far as we know, this wandering minstrel was living with his mother in New Jersey, however, when word of Jenelle’s dog Brody going up for adopt (in wake of her arrest for heroin possession April 23), Kieffer was more than willing to get the pooch which means he just may be back in North Cackalacky.

Hugs not drugs, Kieffer. Hugs, not drugs.

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Source: Twitter