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Kailyn Lowry has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! She has a wonderful fiance, a beautiful son, a fabulous head of hair, and a smokin' body! This gal's weight has fluctuated like whoa, but she always looks fit and healthy whether she's a size 0 or a size 6.

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Sadly, Kailyn's nonstop good looks don't stop haters from harassing her about putting on a few pounds. In fact, this gal just posted an adorable photo of herself and Javi on Twitter, and thanks to a slightly baggy red shirt, some fans think she's pregnant. Sigh, as if.

Not only did Kailyn get an IUD popped into her uterus on national television (those bad boys protect against pregnancy for five years), she's been more than clear that she doesn't want kids for a few years.

"Would you go up to someone in person & ask if they're pregnant?" Kailyn asked. "No? The don't ask on my pictures. Thanks."

Way to stand up for yourself, Kailyn! Who else thinks this gal looks great at any size?

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