Credit: Yfrog

The stork loves nothing more than a freshly married Teen Mom, and he's paid another visit to MTV's Leah Calvert! Leah is expecting her first child with her new hubby, Jeremy Calvert, and appears to be about 6-7 months pregnant (the baby is due sometime this winter).

So, is Leah baking a boy or a girl in her oven? That's the million dollar question, y'all!

Doctors are able to tell a baby's gender at round the five month mark, so Leah's definitely "in the know" — unless she opted for the sex of her kiddo to be a surprise. Either way, this gal is keeping her lips sealed — but we're ready to take your bets!

Do you think our girl Leah is going to pop out a sister for her twins, Ali and Aleeah, or are these lucky ladies about to welcome a younger brother? Dish your predictions in the poll!

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