Credit: Twitter

We love nothing more than watching reality stars grab the vocoder and belt out a dulcet melody. In fact, Farrah Abraham's mega-hit "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" still wakes us up every morning, which is probably why we start the day with such a festive skip in our step.

Farrah was the first Teen Mom to venture into the wonderful world of music, but it looks like Teen Mom 3 to-be Mackenzie Douthit may be following in her footsteps. Mackenzie posted a picture of herself wearing headphones and cozying up to a microphone with the caption "too legit to quit #mylife," and we're wondering if a single is in our future.

This gal has country star written all over her — she's sweet, sassy, gorgeous, and looks amazing in daisy dukes. In other words, she's a shoo-in!

Now, it's possible that Mackenzie is simply recording voiceover work for MTV, but as far as we know, she and the other Teen Mom gals aren't in the network's New York offices for a few weeks. Hmmm, does this mean what we think it means?

Hands up if you want Mackenzie to follow in Farrah's footsteps! Thought so.  

Source: Twitter