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Everyone knows how much Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans loves smoking a toke, but this gal claims she's been sober for about two months! (Insert round of applause.) It's more important than ever that Jenelley stays clean now that she's pregnant — but her ex-fiance, Gary Head, says she's still blazed-up on weed.

Gary recorded a live video chat on January 21 in which he accused Jenelle of smoking a blunt. “I was like, hey, get on camera,” he said. “Jenelle was … and she was like, ‘I’m out in the car smoking a blunt.’”

Oh, snap! We seriously doubt Jenelle would risk her baby's health just to smoke, and now she's fighting back against Gary's allegations with the help of a close friend. "“It’s not true," a source close to Jenelle tells RumorFix. "He wants fans, that’s all.”

Phew! Jenelle would be putting herself and her child at serious risk if she smoked the ganja while pregnant, so fingers crossed that she stays on track and takes good care of herself. Hugs not drugs, y'all.

Source: RadarOnline / RumorFix