Credit: MTV

The dudes just can't get enough of Teen Mom 3 to-be Alexandria Sekella! By which we mean her baby daddy, the wayward hippie known as Matt McCann, still wants in on her action.
Alexandria and Matt had an infamously bad breakup thanks to his drug addiction and refusal to help out with Baby Arabella, and they've barely been in touch since Matt fell off a cliff and plunged to his near doom.

These two were supposed to meet up in early January, but Matt was a no-show and missed out on a chance to check in on his baby gal. Now, a cryptic tweet from Alexandria implies that Matt has once again come to her for help.

"Wow just wow..........." Alexandria tweeted on January 23. "I can't support you sorry I'm already supporting someone else."

That someone else would be Matt's daughter, Arabella, who isn't allowed to interact with him thanks to his various addictions. Hopefully Matt can get his act together in the next six months so he can be there for Arabella's second birthday!

Source: Twitter / Twitter