Credit: Video Still Photo: STILL: Amber Portwood Behind Bars Sneak Peek

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is currently in prison in Indiana. It was her choice. After failing to complete a drug rehab program, Amber had to decide: return to rehab or enter the slammer. Amber went with the Rockville Correctional Facility where she is serving a five-year sentence. The good news is: by all reports, prison is helping Amber! She's studying for her GED, and she's off drugs. The bad news is: she has not seen her daughter Leah (born in November 2008) since she went to jail. Amber's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, does not want Leah to know that her mommy is behind bars. Instead, he has told his daughter that Amber has gone to Hollywood to make movies and/or she's driving a Twinkies truck. With the demise of the Hostess company, manufacturer of Twinkies, Gary will have to rethink that story, or perhaps take Leah in to see her mother for a visit. 

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