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Updated Story (February 25, 2015): In case you haven’t heard the news, Teen Mom 2’s infamous star, Jenelle Evans, was recently booked in the slammer. No, it wasn’t for drugs or the like, it was actually for driving without a license. While the 23-year-old was released after spending just a little over an hour behind bars, it calls for an update to her hefty history of arrests.

To see how many times this gal landed herself in jail — along with her slew of mugshots — scroll down for a refresh on the Teen Mom 2’s star’s criminal history.

Original Story (January 21, 2014): At this point, Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans spends so much time in jail that she should probably order change-of-address cards.

The latest? The pregnant MTV reality star (she's in her first trimester) was arrested tonight, on December 14, 2013, for disturbing the peace after a loud fight with her boyfriend and baby daddy-to-be, Nathan Griffith.

If you remember, poor Jenelley was arrested just four months ago, on August 12, 2013, for testing positive for marijuana after a random drug test — her tenth (yes, tenth!) time in the slammer since her first arrest in 2010.
Between the drug possession, the girl fights, and the harassing phone calls, we can barely keep up with Jenelle’s stints in the clink, so we’ve created a handy timeline for you to refer to! File this one under “you’re welcome.”
October 15, 2010: Jenelle and her boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, were arrested for breaking and entering, as well as drug possession. Jenelle pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months probation and monthly drug tests.
March 28, 2011: Jenelle was arrested after a crizazy cat fight with her ex-friend, Brittany Truett. Unfortunately, someone filmed Jenelle punching Britt in the face for flirting with Kieffer, which landed our girl in jail. She was released on bond, and then booked herself into rehab in Malibu. Sob, just like all our other favorite celebs!

August 8, 2011: Jenelle was arrested for violating her parole after she tested positive for weed and opiates. Barbara Evans does not approve, and neither does that rehab center in Cali. January 10, 2012: Jenelle was arrested for “communicating threats” to her former roommate and ex-best friend Hannah Inman after they got in a huge fight over rent payments. She had to post her own bail for $1,000!

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January 16, 2012: Jenelle was arrested once again for violating a “domestic protection” order. Rumor has it that she called Hannah when she wasn’t supposed to, and Hannah called the cops. Jenelle's lawyer denies any wrongdoing.

March 5, 2012: Jenelle was arrested after returning from taping the Teen Mom 2 Sseason 3 reunion after her former boss filed cyberstalking charges against her. Her lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, said she turned herself in and spent less than 30 minutes in jail.

June 24, 2012: Jenelle was arrested on drug charges — marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance — after calling the police on fiance Gary Head for hitting her. He was also arrested on domestic violence charges. Both were bailed out the next morning. On August 28, all of Jenelle's charges were dropped, and Gary Head pleaded guilty to assault.

April 23, 2013: Jenelle and her husband Courtland Rogers were arrested by the Caswell Beach Police on suspicion of heroin possession (with the intent to sell/manufacture/distribute), drug paraphernalia, and simple assault. She was placed on two $10,000 bonds, and bonded out later that day. Jenelle and Courtland are due back in court on April 25 for the drug charges and June 3 for the assault charges.

August 12, 2013: Despite reaching a plea deal to keep her out of jail for her heroin and illegal Percocet possession charges back in April 2013, Janelle still found herself in jail on August 12, 2013, after failing a random drug test ordered by the court. But don't worry — she only tested positive for marijuana.Jenelle’s life continues to be a depressing rollercoaster of ups and downs. Check back in with Wetpaint Entertainment for the latest news in Jenelle’s never-ending dramz!

December 14, 2013: Ruh-roh! This makes three arrests for Jenelle in 2013. Jenelle and boyfriend Nathan Griffith got into a row on Saturday night, which ended up with him locked out of the house, and her leaving in handcuffs. Jenelle was arrested on a "breach of peace" charge, but was released later on bond. Click here for more details.

February 24, 2015: She’s back! Jenelle landed herself at J. Reuben Long Detention Center after the South Carolina Highway Patrol pulled her over for driving without a license. While the MTV star was booked at around 2 p.m., she was released a few hours later after being held on a $237.50 bond. For more details, click here.