Credit: Twitter

There's nothing like waking up in the morning, trolling Twitter, and seeing an up-close and personal photo of Jenelle Evans's lovely lady lumps. These gals are world-famous thanks to Jenelle's breast enhancement surgery this summer (she went from a size A to C), and they just can't stop popping out to say hello!

Jenelle took it to the Internet to post a photo of herself decked out in Pink by Victoria's Secret (what else?), and it appears that she forgot to cover up. Yep, that is Jenelle's breast, and yes, she's owning it.
"Lol one boob was popping out and the other was covered up," she explained on Twitter.

Get it, girl! We're all about Jenelley being proud of her body — but do you think this pic is a little too much? Hit the poll!