Credit: Facebook Photo: Jenelle Evans Says "Aah"

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and her hunky husband, Courtland Rogers, are officially clean and sober, but that doesn't mean their strange addictions are completely satiated.

As we all know, Jenelle has a fetish for chicken alfredo, Uggs, tanning, and Pink by Victoria's Secret. Now girlfriend has added another guilty pleasure to her list. In fact, Jenelle shared her new addiction on Keek while lying in bed with Courtland, who just happened to be shirtless because, you know, wearing clothing was so 2012.

"So we have a new obsession. It is the Fuzzy Peach in southport and it's frozen yogurt and it's really really good," Jenelle mused, while Courtland and his chintee added "She got me addicted."

Do you, Courtland and Jenelle.

Frankly, as long as this happy couple aren't whiling away their days smoking illegal substances from pipes hand-whittled by Kieffer Delp, we approve. Oh, and if you want to see Courtland and Jenelley in action, looks like all you have to do is head over to North Carolina's finest frozen yogurt parlor and get a fix!

And no, The Fuzzy Peach does not sell Alfredo flavored yogurt. Keep on dreaming.

Did you guess what Jenelle and Courtland’s new addiction was? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Keek