Credit: Facebook

Jenelle Evans's life is a roller coaster filled with Ed Hardy trucker hats, Alfredo sauce, tears, and wayward ex-husbands. This poor Teen Mom 2 starlet has gone through so much in the past few months (a breakup, a miscarriage, rumored drug abuse, etc), and she's currently shacked up at a rehab center. Jenelle packed her bags and jetted off to Florida just a few weeks after rekindling the flame with her ex-fiance, Gary Head, and we're wondering if they'll stay together while she's on vacation.

The short answer? Not so much. According to Jenelle's Facebook moderator/friend, Kristin Ann, Jenelle and Gary have already ended their relationship — despite the fact that Jenelle was just gabbing about how she wishes they were married! Kristin has remained pretty cagey about her bestie's personal life, but when a fan asked if Jenelle and Gary were still together, she responded with a simple "no."

Our hearts = broken. Of course, it's possible that Gary and Jenelle decided to push the pause button on their relationship since she's out of town for a month, but the fact that Gary's been hanging out with Jenelle's ex-best friend, Hannah Inman, doesn't bode well for the future of their relationship.

Jenelle has cut herself off from social media, so either she doesn't know about Gary and Hannah's hang session, or she isn't letting it get to her. Either way, how many more breakups this poor gal take?! Thank goodness for therapeutic tanning, right guys?