Credit: Twitter

We're starting to think Jenelle Evans and Gary Head are meant to be, y'all! Hot off the heels of this hunky marine telling Jenelley that he didn't love her on Valentine's Day, these two hit the clubs in Wilmington and partied like rock stars. By which we mean, reality stars.

Credit: Twitter

Jenelle and Gary were all over each other (check out their body language in this adorable twitpic), and even better? Gary confirmed that he's completely dunzo with his ex-girlfriend, Jade Dolph! 

"I didn't think it was possible to go from having love for someone to complete HATE in less than 24 hours," Gary tweeted before partying up a storm with Jenelle. "#Done #CareFree."

Looks like Jenelle and Gary have both put their sexy-exys behind them! But the real question? Is their relationship a hot n' heavy rebound, or the real deal? Considering that these two have a pretty intense history (they used to be engaged!) we have a feeling their love is 100 percent pure, much like our love for chocolate pudding. 

Let's just hope Gary and Jenelle don't put a ring on it before her divorce from Courtland Rogers is official … awkward!