Credit: Instagram Photo: Jenelle Evans Shows Off Blonde Highlights on April 22, 2013

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans might have been arrested for heroin possession on April 23, but this gal insists that she's been clean and sober since November 2012. In fact, lady friend has been working hard to stay off drugs, and has been going to Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings on the regular.

"I'm attending NA meetings once a week," Jenelle tweeted to fans on May 7. "U should see all my chips I have on my key chain for being sober for such a long time!" Jenelle has four chips on her keychain, which she takes with her wherever she goes as a reminder to stay sober.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans Shows Her 12-Step Program Goods

"I will always take these with me in my car and the cards in my wallet," Jenelle tweeted along with a picture of her goods. " #SOBERTHINKINGALWAYS , I got chips, do u?"

Jenelle's cards feature a list of 12 Steps To Sobriety, 12 Common Thinking Errors and 12 Spiritual Principles that she can follow on a daily basis (like hope, faith, humility and love). We're so proud of this gal for tackling her addiction head-on!

Now, if only she could get those drug possession charges dropped...

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