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The rumor mill has been running in triple overdrive ever since Jenelle Evans was admitted to the hospital shortly after Thanksgiving. Between salacious stories about car accidents, unplanned pregnancies, and drug overdoses, this poor gal can't catch a break!

In fact, Jenelle's own sister, Ashleigh Evans, sold her out to RadarOnline and reported that their mother, Barbara Evans, found Jenelle shooting-up heroin. Thankfully, Jenelle has finally had enough, and she's putting these rumors to bed once and for all.
"Tomorrow I will film my mom and I'll show you guys how great of a relationship we have now and how much she likes Courtland," Jenelle posted to Sulia on December 9. "She will also let everyone know that I have NEVER overdosed off of any drug in my entire life and how would she find me 'on the floor' when I never lived with her? My sister is the unstable one working at a strip club to make money and sell me out on the side."

We can't wait to hear what Babs has to say! Mostly because her accent is hilarious. Make sure to check back in with Wetpaint Entertainment for more news on this developing story.

Source: RadarOnline / Sulia


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