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Jenelle Evans's life has officially turned around for the better, but there are still a few loose ends to tie up. First and foremost? Her deadbeat baby daddy, Charles Andrew Lewis.

This wayward grifter rejected Jenelle when she was preggo, and now he lives in Florida with his new girlfriend. Even worse? He makes zero effort to see Jace.

Andrew and Jenelle have remained in contact (bitter, bitter contact), but when it comes to paying child support he's nowhere to be found. "He is suppose to pay and is $3,000 behind," Jenelle tweeted to a fan.
Hmmm, last time we checked avoiding child support payments was a jailable offense, and no one knows their way around a jail cell better than our girl Jenelley. When will she man-up and have Andrew arrested? "As soon as they find him in Florida!" she tweeted. "He keeps running!"
Up until recently, Jenelle has paid her mom monthly child support to take care of Jace, and Andrew should definitely be doing the same. What a shame that he has so little interest in enriching Jace's life! Sigh, baby daddies. Can't live with 'em, can't make babies without 'em.

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