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Our love for Courtland Rogers knows no bounds, and our hearts are weeping now that his tragic sob story has been revealed. You see, back in ye olden days Courtland was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed baseball player who dreamed of playing in the big leagues — until he got into a terrible car accident and developed a sinister drug addiction.
Courtland's wife, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, usually stays hush-hush about her man's alleged drug use, but she's finally coming clean!

"Another car hydroplaned and hit them and made the car lose control and the car wrapped around a pole," she explains on Sulia. "This picture was taken after getting the car unwrapped from the pole. His injuries were his hip getting completely dislocated 6 inches and blew out his femur. He had to do a total hip replacement surgery and put a plate in his pelvis also had to get a rod in his femur."

Poor Courtland was in critical condition for 32 days, and lost his baseball scholarship. Jenelle goes on to explain that he "was introduced to pain medication for the injuries and thats how his drug addiction started. He would of been a professional by now if the car wreck never happened."

Nowadays Courtland is trying his hardest to stay sober so he can regain partial custody of his daughter, JaJa. We're so happy he's putting the past in the past — though the epic scar under his confederate flag tattoo will always be a reminder of rough times.

Source: Sulia