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Guys, form a prayer circle. The time has come to tattoo "Stay Strong Courtland" on your upper-inner thigh and send all your good vibrations over to our girl Jenelle Evans. Why? Because her hubby, Courtland Rogers, is sick with a mysterious illness, and he's on the way to a hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

"I need prayers today!!!" Courtland tweeted to Jenelle on December 12. "All of these negative people! If they only knew what I had to do today!!"
Jenelle has stayed unusually quiet on Twitter, but she took it to Facebook to elaborate on Courtland's condition. After posting a positive message to her man, Jenelle lashed out at a hating fan and wrote, "How is going on a road trip to a HOSPITAL 3 hours away any fun at all and how is that 'being an idiot' ?!!!" adding, "And I'm saying Karmas a bitch when she finds u for making an immature and childish comment about someone who has a disease."
OMG, poor Courtland! No word yet as to what's wrong with this dude, but check back in with Wetpaint Entertainment for the latest updates about his condition. For now, head over to Jenelle's Twitter and send some positive energy her way!

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