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Breaking news, y'all. Jenelle Evans has hit up the tattoo parlor hot off the heels of her engagement to Courtland Rogers. And guys? She boldly went where only one Teen Mom has gone before: to the magical land of stomach tattoos. Because, really? Nothing goes better with a belly ring than an inspirational quote.

Jenelle's new tattoo says, "Cela Passera Aussi" which translates to "This Too Shall Pass." The original quote is from the Persian Sufi poets, but why did Jenelley get it in French? Easy. 'Cause she is French.

"Not done yet but new tattoo! I'm French so it says 'This Too Shall Pass,'" Jenelle tweeted along with a picture of her epic tummy tat.

Well, we have no words. What do you think of Jenelle's newest ink? And remember, the only acceptable answer is that you think it's fabulous. Because it is, guys. It is.

Source: Twitter

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