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You guys, really important things are happening in Jenelle Evans's life. No, we're not talking about the fact that she's addicted to pot and might go to jail. We're talking about the avant-garde artistic genius commonly known as Ke$ha, aka Jenelle's muse.

Turns out Jenelle has taken Ke$ha fangirling to a whole new level — probably because Ke$ha identifies as a "homeless clown" (but like, in a good way).
Unfortunately, Jenelle's second-row Ke$ha concert tickets conflict with her jail time, and it's a serious issue. Like, she is seriously worried that the decorative feathers she's affixed to her hair will go to waste if she doesn't make this concert.

Tragically, Jenelle doesn't get to wave her hands in the air like she just don't care, because her probation officer shows up, gives her a random drug test, and hauls her off to jail on a $10K bond. Even worse? Jenelle's mom refuses to bust her out of the clink.

Sigh, somewhere Ke$ha is crying. Clearly, her concert wasn't the same without Jenelle's angelic presence. 


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