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Jenelle Evans is crushing on someone, people.

Just two weeks out from an explosive fight with her ex-fiance Gary Head, an argument that landed them both in jail and led to their breakup, Jenelle is “crushinnn harrrd” on a mystery someone. On July 11 she tweeted, “Why in every text I send this person it's a :) in every sentence ?! Lmao I'm crushinnnn harrrrd. <3 ?”

So who’s the guy on the receiving end of all those happy emoticons? Are she and ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp about to rekindle their rocky romance (despite her and Kieffer's tweets to the contrary), or is there another fella in Jenelle’s life?

Time will tell, friends. A lot can happen in a week — especially in the crazy life of a Teen Mom.

Source: Twitter

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