Credit: Facebook

Jenelle Evans and her new hubby, Courtland Rogers, are finally nestled back in their love shack after talks of getting divorced, and you know what that means! New shoes!

Courtland has a history of giving Jenelle fabulous presents (need we remind you of her diamond ring from Zales?), and he went all-out after their most recent fight. After all, money can't buy you love — but it can buy you a snazzy pair of Timberlands.

Now, before you question how Courtland can afford to buy his lady love such fancy pink booties, remember that his family has money and he has a job as a roofer. And if you need proof(er), just check out this picture of Courty holding a wad of dolla-dolla-bills. He's loaded!

Do you like Courtland's sweet make-up gift to Jenelle? There's no denying that he treats her like a princess!