Breaking news, Teen Momers. Chicken Alfredo lover, Jenelle Evans, is getting another tattoo! Jenelle's hot bod is already inked up with tats galore (including a full backscape of cherry blossoms), but her latest design? Full-blown leopard print.

"New leg/thigh tattoo on Sunday," Jenelle tweeted along with a photo of a giant leopard. "Mmmmmm the design is going to be SiiiiiCK! :D"
Well, gang. The way we see it, this could go one of two ways. Either Jenelle's tattoo will be off-the-charts amazing and she'll end up looking like a leopard (in a hot way), or it will be terrifying and she'll end up looking like a leopard (in a not hot way).

We're hardly surprised about Jenelley's newest plan, considering that she loves herself some animal print, but is this taking the obsession a little too far? Sound off in the poll and tell us whether you think Jenelle's cat-tastic tat is a great idea or a disaster waiting to happen!


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