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Looks like our favorite Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans, is ready to make some changes! This gal has moved around more times than we can count, but she's currently living in (or near) her hometown of Oak Island, North Carolina.

Jenelle recently revamped her crib to make room for her son, Jace (she even set up his very own bathroom), but it looks like she's become disenchanted with her digs. Jenelle is ready to move to a brand new house, and she's officially hunting.
"Looking at houses to move into," Jenelle tweeted. "This house is def overrated. :/"

No news yet about whether or not Jenelle is renting or buying, but her paycheck from MTV (and the money she makes from her job!) might put her in the position to make a permanent move.

Congratulations, Jenelley!

Source: Twiitter

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