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Remember back in the days of yore when Gary Head and Jenelle Evans bought a puppy? His name is Brody, and shockingly he's still alive (Jenelle doesn't exactly have a great track record with pets … to this day we have no idea what became of McKayla the Chihuahua!).
Jenelle and Gary bought Brody from a breeder in Fayetteville on June 11, 2012, and they both fell head-over-paws in love. Unfortunately, these two broke up just a month later, and a bitter puppy custody battle ensued — though Gary did admit that Jenelle paid for Brody so she technically owns him.

Now that Jenelle is single and ready to mingle (by which we mean she's still married to Courtland Rogers), she's reuniting with Gary all over the place — and you know what that means! He and Brody have rekindled their relationship! "Finally got MY Brody back," Gary tweeted on January 28. "HappyFace."

Awww, there's nothing cuter than a man and his pitbull! Well, other than a Teen Mom and her Uggs. Let's just hope Gary and Jenelle stay on friendly terms for the sake of their four legged friend!

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