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Jenelle Evans is moving on up ... the coast of North Carolina.

The Teen Mom 2 star moved from Oak Island to Wilmington yesterday. She'll not only be closer to her school, Miller-Motte College, but she'll be able to continue taping the show in her new digs.

"I'm not allowed to film at the place im at now," Jenelle noted on Twitter. 

She clarified further to the Teen Mom Gossip blog: "I'm moving to a new house so they CAN film at my house because the current apartment I live in will not allow it."

She appears to be living with friend Allison Lester (they tweet at each other from a room away), and seems to be happier than ever with boyfriend Gary Head.

And Jenelle's refining her cooking skills. Check out this juicy steak she cooked up on her first night!

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