Credit: Jenelle Evans Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans Heads to Her NYC Hotel November 4, 2011

Jenelle Evans may have been arrested yesterday for allegedly harrassing her ex-roommate Hannah Inman, but she's not letting it bring her down.

She's already vowed to fight back in court, and today, she's going about her usual business of filming Teen Mom 2 and taking care of Baby Jace.

Before heading off to bed last night, Jenelle posted an update on Facebook: "Gotta film in the morning and then take tori to her orthodontics appointment. Then getting jace and going to do some fun activity in Wilmington. :)"

And this morning she's been tweeting up a storm, with friend Victoria Rhyne chiming in about their filming antics.

"Just got done filming with Jenelley,,heading to the dentist now. Oh and this time I looked gooooood on camera :)" Tori tweeted, adding, "paparazzi took pictures of us doin out handshake :)"

Jenelle did address the arrest a bit. " I'm very invincible, that shit is easily going to be dropped lol" she tweeted at Hannah. 

Looks like Jenelle isn't worried about her legal issues one bit!

Source: Twitter, Facebook

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