Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans Takes Makeup-Free Photo With Son Jace

There's no denying that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has a bad reputation, but does girlfriend deserve it? Not so much, so haters can go ahead and step to the left. Sure, Jenelle was arrested on April 23 for heroin possession and simple assault — and to make matters worse she was served with a warrant for failing to pay her mother, Barbara Evans, child support.

Naturally, fans were quick to turn on Jenelle for failing to provide for her son, Jace, but girlfriend insists that she's been mischaracterized. Not only did Jenelle's lawyer, Dustin R.T. Sullivan, confirm that Jenelle paid her outstanding child support ($360) immediately after her arrest, Jenelle claims she's always been on time with her payments. In fact, she even posted proof on Twitter!

Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans Takes Photo of Child Support Payments

"I don't pay my child support? looks like yr another one that's too gullible when u read tabloids," Jenelle tweeted along with a receipt of the payment she allegedly missed (dated 4/17/13).

Looks like Jenelley's reputation has definitely been besmirched when it comes to her child support payments, and she wants fans to know she goes above and beyond for Jace and even pays CS in advance!

"I pay $130 a month and I paid almost close to $500 IN ADVANCE for Child Support. Look again," she told a fan.

Way to be a good mom, Jenelley! Someone deserves an extra pint of Alfredo sauce tonight...

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