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Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has finally taken her online grievances to the court. After days of publicly fighting via Twitter, Jenelle has decided to press assault charges against her husband of one month, Courtland Rogers

Jenelle has recently shared several major complaints about the father of her unborn child. After blaming him for cheating multiple times and abandoning her during a potential miscarriage, her latest claim involves charges of domestic abuse.

According to E! News, Jenelle has filed four accounts of assault on a female with an unborn child at a Brunswick County, N.C. courthouse today, Jan. 23. All charges are misdemeanors according to Jenelle’s lawyer, Dustin R.T. Sullivan.

"He faces a maximum 150 days in jail per charge,” Dustin said.

It’s still not clear what Courtland supposedly did to warrant these charges, but Dustin did say, “She was physically assaulted over a period of time. She will be a victim in the case and will be represented by the State of North Carolina."

So far there’s no news of any miscarriage yet, though Jenelle claimed she “might be” having one earlier today on Twitter.

The first court date for this assault case is scheduled for Feb. 18, and Courtland is also facing two other criminal cases in Brunswick County.

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Source: E! News