Credit: MTV

Remember when Jenelle Evans pushed Baby Jace out of her lady parts during 16 and Pregnant? Sigh, those were the good ol' days!

Now this adorable little kiddo is already 3-years-old, obsessed with Spiderman, and yes — probably a chicken Alfredo addict.

Unfortunately, Jenelle hasn't been around for many of Jace's childhood milestones thanks to signing temporary custody over to her mom, Barbara Evans — but she was around for his very first word: truck!

Ummm, we're experiencing a lot of "feelings and emotions" about this. While we're glad that Jace is following in the footsteps over every other dude living in the Dirty South, we're slightly disappointed that his first word wasn't "Ugg." And by "slightly disappointed," we mean completely emotionally traumatized.  

Then again, our first words were "pizza bagel bites," so who are we to judge?

Source: Twitter