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Halloween is just around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited about the Teen Mom ladies and their babies getting into spooky-scary costume! We're imagining a beautiful tableau of slutty angels, slutty leopards, and characters from Toy Story.

 So far, the Teen Moms are staying hush-hush about their bambinos' Halloween costumes — except for Jenelle Evans. This gal isn't spending All Hallow's Eve night with Jace (she's going to a rave, no big deal), but she's super excited about his costume.

So, what is Jace dressing up as? Drum roll, please … Spider-Man! Yep, this little dude is officially old enough to be obsessed with superheroes, and we can't wait to see him bust out those Spidey skills.

By which we mean we'd like him to web away Jenelle's notorious tye-dye hoodie.

Source: Twitter


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