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Ladies, the time to clutch your pearls is upon us. Our favorite Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, was rushed to the hospital after a night spent vomming her little heart out, and she needs your well wishes!
Jenelle's had a rough couple days thank to her ex-boss, James Duffy, leaking naked photos of her, and it looks like she was so traumatized and embarrassed that she became physically sick.
"Been throwing up all night and day," Jenelle posted on Sulia. "Went to the hospital at 8am and just got out."

OMG, Jenelle! This isn't the first time girlfriend's been hospitalized for illness, but this particular sickness seems to be acute Duffyitis.

"I was extremely dehydrated and had to get 2 IV bags becuz I was so dehydrated my face was WHITE, not tan anymore," Jenelle continued. ":( I'm all better now! :)"

Whoa, there. We can't even imagine Jenelle without her signature tan — the situation must have been dire! Here's to hoping Jenelle feels better … and that people stop posting naked photos of her on the interwebs.

Source: Sulia



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