Credit: News Photo: Which Starlet Has Had a More WTF Life? Lindsay Lohan vs. Jenelle Evans

Ladies, the time has come to pit Jenelle "Chicken Alfredo" Evans against Lindsay "Whoops I Did It Again" Lohan. We know, we know — you thought you'd never live to see the day when these infamous names were used in the same sentence, but they have more in common than you might think!

Why, you ask? One word: WTF.

Let's start with our resident jailbird, Jenelle. We love this PYT with all our hearts, but her life is a rollercoaster of ups, downs, and trips to Olive Garden. Naturally, we blame Jenelle's boyfriends, Kieffer Delp (who sold naked photos of her to the tabloids) and Gary Head (who allegedly held a gun to her head) for all the trouble she's gotten herself into. Of course, the most WTF part of Jenelle's life is clearly her collection of Uggs and her Ed Hardy seat covers.

So how does Jenelle's sordid tale of makeups, breakups, and alfredo sauce compare to LiLo? This Teen Queen made a name for herself as a Disney star, but then she decided to dye her hair blonde and everything went downhill from there. Lindsay is known for her excessive partying, stints in rehab for "exhaustion," drunk driving, and creepy job at the morgue. Basically, she's the more famous version of Jenelle without a baby.

And, no, we didn't forget Lindsay's terrifying foray into the world of sun hats. We just don't want to go there.

Jenelle vs. Lindsay: Who Has a More WTF Life?