Credit: Facebook Photo: Jenelle Evans Goes Goth

Jenelle Evans is coming to a theater near you! Well, maybe. This Teen Mom 2 bombshell has led quite the dramatic life. We seriously can't even count the number of times she's been arrested (actually we can), and we're thinking it's high time for a biopic about her life in the fast lane.

Naturally, Jenelle would be heavily involved in the film's production (her official title would be Head of Alfredo Management), and she already has a few ideas about the ideal cast. So, who does Jenelley want to play her? None other than Twilight's K-Stew!

"Kristen Stweart [Stewart] as me and idk for my mom..." Jenelle tweeted on May 2. "Lol."

There's no denying that Kristen and Jenelle are total twinsies (only, Jenelle is covered in leopard print tattoos), and let's get real — this could be the role of K-Stew's life. Like, Oscar-worthy stuff. Can you imagine the range of emotion Kristen will have to use for this role?!

The problem (aside from the obvious like funding and scripts)? Babs still needs to be cast, and that's where you come in! Clearly, it needs to be someone who can do a great Boston accent and who can hold their liquor — by which we mean boxed wine.

Who do you guys think should play Jenelle's infamous mom? Dish in the comments!

Source: Twitter