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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans shocked fans when she voluntarily entered rehab in Florida for "stress" back in February. But just a few days later, Jenelle checked out of the center, hauled herself back to North Carolina, and then checked into a local rehab facility leaving fans stumped. When Jenelle returned home in mid-March, she simply explained:

"I went to a Florida rehab but transferred because it was a NIGHTMARE, lol long story. Once transferring the new facility was very nice and nothing wrong with the staff or patients there. I simply feel as if I didn't need to go to treatment if my problem isn't drugs anymore, and never will be again."

However, Jenelle's most recent ex-roommate, Julia Knowles, has leaked photos of Jenelle's personal diary, where she dishes the real reasons behind leaving rehab.

"This is like the crazy mental hospital I was involuntarily committed to" Jenelle writes. "They wake us up at 6am for group therapy but I never go. They only gave me some of my belongings. Supposedly tomorrow I'm going to the actual rehab facility across town and they said it's extremely nice. If I don't like it there then I'm going back home, no questions asked. This isn't like anything I expected."

Jenelle has admitted that the diary is hers and said she's taking Julia to court!

"Legal action will be taken place today. Already made a police report," Jenelle tweeted on April 8, adding "two counts of larceny. The report has been taken I just need to go to the Jacksonville magistrate."

So, how exactly did Julia get her hands on Jenelle's diary?

"She stole it out of my bedroom that I lived in," Jenelle explained. "That journal was HIDDEN in my room and obviously for a reason." Poor Jenelle!

Thank goodness there wasn’t anything else incriminating in that book! Otherwise, we’d have another Duffy episode on our hands!

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