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Jenelle Evans's new flame Courtland Rogers wasn't always on the straight and narrow. Not unlike his lady love, Courtland's had quite a few run-ins with the North Carolina police, and he's even served some serious jail time.

According to the state's Department of Public Safety records, Courtland, now 26, has been incarcerated twice — first in 2006 after a 2003 arrest for felony drug possession, and again in 2011 after a few misdemeanor offenses that occurred in 2008, including larceny and possession of stolen goods.

Take a look at one of Courty's mug shots, taken in 2010. Although Jenelle's beau claims he's managed to steer clear of the clink in recent years, he was somehow connected to a drug bust that took place over the course of 21-months, ending on Sept. 21, 2010. His mug shot appears as the first picture in Star News Online's gallery of offenders

We're assuming those charges were dropped, as there's no indication of a conviction on Courtland's public record. Plus, the soon-to-be reality star has made no mention about that particular arrest.

“I haven’t gotten in trouble since the [2008] charges,” he told Starcasm. “I’ve been out of trouble for four years.”

Regardless, we're glad that Courtland has finally gotten his life back on track. Maybe Jenelle's a good influence after all? 

Are you surprised to learn about Courtland's criminal past? Tell us below!

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