Credit: Twitter

In case you hadn't noticed, Jenelle Evans's hubby is from the Dirty South. Yep, Courtland Rogers is even more Southern than American Pie, and he's shouting it loud and proud … by getting a confederate flag tattoo etched across his body.

Credit: Twitter

But not just any confederate flag tattoo, y'all! Courtland's new ink features faux-ripped skin that's been peeled back to expose a flag. Get it? Because the insides of Courtland's body are made out of Southern pride. It's all so beautiful and meaningful!

Now, before you start side-eyeing at the possible racial implications of Courty's tattoo, know this: He has a legit explanation for getting it. "That tattoo has no specific reasoning," he explains on Twitter. "My grandma was alive when i started it and died before i got it colored in she picked it out not me !!"

It's OK, Courtland, we're not judging your questionable ink. Though frankly, we're offended that you didn't get Jenelle's name scrawled above your other nipple while you were at the tattoo parlor. Shaking our heads.

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