Credit: MTV Photo: Jenelle Gives Jace a Bath in Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 1

Guys, we're getting more and more worried about Jenelle. Last week, she dropped the truth bomb that she smoked pot during probation, and now she has to take a drug test! Say it ain't so, ya'll –– not even a spontaneous trip to Planet Fun can solve this problem!

Jenelle's convinced that she's going to end up wandering around the clink in an orange jumpsuit thanks to her addiction, and she's a ball of backwoods nerves. In fact, she even comes clean to her mom, who gives Jenelley all kinds of beautiful wisdom, and encourages her to chug a mysterious detox that will cleanse her system for 24 hours.

As you might expect, Jenelle epically fails at peeing in a cup, and she might have to go to jail depending on what her probation officer decides! To make matters worse, Jenelle's car breaks down and she has to borrow money from her mom to buy a new one. Basically, girlfriend's life is a hot mess, so she meets with her lawyer, Dusty, to discuss her future. 

Dusty seems to thinks Jenelle will get a second chance on probation, with an additional nine months, but she decides to get her freedom back by serving 45 days in jail instead. Obviously, Babs isn't thrilled about Jenelle's decision, especially since her explanation is, "I'm sorry, I have to put my son on hold because I have other sh*t to deal with. Everything is falling apart." 

Sigh, why do we have a feeling Kieffer Delpelicious is the only detox that'll get Jenelley out of this funk?

Do you think Jenelle made the right choice?