Credit: MTV Photo: Jenelle Evans Gives Jace a Kiss in Teen Mom 2, Season 3, Episode 9

Please clutch your hair feathers and pop in your diamond grill, Ke$ha's biggest fan-girl has the sads. Not only is Jenelle Evans wandering around North Cackalacky completely under medicated, she's living with some random named Josh who she's known for about a week. Dude has a bowl cut, which really should have tipped her off.

As you might have guessed, Jenelle thinks Josh is a huge weirdo, and she realizes it's time to cut the cord!

This gal decides to move in with her friend Amber, so they start house hunting for the perfect pad. This sounds like a fabulous idea, plus Jenelley might get to spend more time with Jace if she's in a stable environment. This plan can't fail, guys. Well, unless Jenelle starts "smokin' dah wheed agaihn" (in the words of Babs Evans).

Jenelley and Amber have no problem finding a house together, and they settle on a quaint little home with tons of character and a huge backyard for Jace to play in. We're so thrilled that Jenelle is making a fresh start … but we have some bad news. Girlfriend drops out of school to deal with her personal life, and Barbara is none too happy. 

There isn't enough Franzia in the world to heal this poor lady's broken heart.