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You may have noticed that Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer's Twitter has been quite dramatic lately, and it looks like it's all thanks to a heated argument she's been having with her husband Jeremy Calvert's ex-girlfriend!

"Jealousy is a serious disease. Get off your high horse. #B*tch," Leah tweeted on March 6, adding, "Both sides of what!? .. You are long gone. There's no side anymore. #ItsBeenOver We have been married almost a year now, are you crazy? lol."

Credit: Twitter Photo: Jeremy Calvert's Ex-Girlfriend Kristen

According to All The Teen Moms, Leah's tweets are addressed to Jeremy's ex-girlfriend, Kristen, who claims she's been unfairly attacked by Leah's entire family.

"If it wasn't for Dawn [Leah's mother] and Leah’s friends tweeting me and tagging me in it, none of this would even be happening," Kristen tells All The Teen Moms. "They wanted everyone to know who I was and to start unnecessary drama which is exactly what they got. Some of her friends have tried adding me on Facebook and Twitter numerous times so if that doesn't prove that they have been trying to start stuff with me since Leah and Jeremy got together, I don’t know what does."

Kristen also adds that she ended things with Jeremy because he partied too hard, and claims she is now in a relationship with a new man. Who knows why she and Leah are fighting about the past, but clearly this is a major misunderstanding! Do you think Leah should pipe down and leave the past in the past?

Source: Twitter / Twitter / All The Teen Moms