Credit: MTV

It looks like everyone's favorite goldilocks is finally getting her happily ever after!

Kailyn Lowry's had a rough life (you know, what with the questionable tattoos, the unexpected pregnancy, and the fact that her mom is a wayward grifter), but she's finally found her perfect man — the one and only Javi Marroquin!

At first Kailyn's hesitant to date Javi because he's slightly short (whatever, he's tall on the inside), but they chill out at a romantic diner, bond over their mutual love for kiddos, and real-talk about their life problems. You know, a typical Teen Mom first date.

So, does Kailyn introduce Javi to Isaac? You betcha! In fact, Kailyn only agrees to hang out with Javi if Isaac approves, so they meet up for a fun day at the arcade, play a bunch of games, and win some adorable dinosaur toys. Plus, Isaac gets a fresh new haircut for the big event!

Question: why do we have a feeling Kailyn and Javi are meant to be? Answer: probably because they're currently married …