Credit: Instagram

Who says tattoos can't be classy? Not Kailyn Lowry! This Teen Mom 2 starlet loves her fresh ink, and she's dead-set on proving why her killer new half-sleeve won't hold her back professionally.

"Like omg, I'm so trashy. I might never find a job. I'll definitely regret my tattoos one day. #not," she tweeted sarcastically in response to some opinionated Twitter followers.

While tattoos are definitely still taboo in most office settings, many jobs are more lenient. Plus, Kail proves that all you need is a smart-looking blazer to transform your look instantly from quirky to corporate. Or a pair of doctor scrubs, which she'll most likely be rocking when she starts her career as a dental assistant.

What do you think of Kailyn's new tattoo? Will she grow to regret it? Tell us your thoughts below!