Credit: Instagram

MTV's Teen Mom girls love experimenting with their hair color, and Kailyn Lowry is no exception. This pretty little lady just dyed her hair a glorious golden hue, which she couldn't help showing off on Twitter.

But Kail's not entirely convinced it the lighter color suits her …

"I wanted to try something new but unfortunately I'm not sure how I feel about it," she wrote on Oct. 10. Check out the picture below:

Credit: Instagram

We're digging it! Plus, Kailyn's a natural beauty, so she looks fabulous no matter what — even when she's not wearing any makeup. 

"#nofilter #nomakeup," she hastagged her tweet

All we have to say is, #gorgeous. 

What do you think, Teen Mom experts? Do you prefer Kailyn all dolled up with darker hair, or do you love her lighter locks and less-is-more makeup?