Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry is one lucky lady! And not just because she's rocking the best head of hair this side of the store we buy our weaves from.

Kailyn's married to the man of her dreams, Javi Marroquin, and their relationship is crazy-romantic, even though they're miles apart thanks to Javi's stint in Texas for Air Force tech training. Not only do Kailyn and her man sweet tweet each other on a daily basis, but he surprises her with gorgeous gifts on the regular.

Credit: Instagram

Check out the beautiful charms Javi sent Kailyn as a surprise for her Pandora bracelet — they're cute and meaningful, and Kailyn's all kinds of appreciative. "Look what my husband sent me!" she posted to Instagram on April 1, along with a picture of her new charms. "He's so good to me!"

Kailyn's new bling includes a princess castle and a book that says "Fairy Tale," which is apt considering that she and her man are always gabbing about their fairytale wedding. Of course, they've pushed back the reception thanks to tight finances, but these new charms are a great precursor to their big day!

Now please excuse us while we send ourselves some Pandora charms and sign the card "Love, Body Pillow."

Source: Instagram