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Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has a lot to be thankful for — she's in a loving relationship, her kid is all kinds of adorable, and she has a gorgeous head of hair. But most of all, Kailyn is completely secure with herself, which makes her a great role model for teens who struggle with body image issues.

Kailyn recently lost some weight thanks to an intense exercise regime, but girlfriend has struggled with her waistline in the past. In fact, she recently told Wetpaint Entertainment that she was the "chunky girl" in middle school, and the pressure to stay thin caused her to become bulimic.
Now Kailyn is confident about her hot bod, and she isn't afraid to speak out against the fashion industry's often sizeist practices. "S— gets real when a sales associate tells you to check out their plus size section," Kailyn tweeted on November 6.

Whoa there! We don't know Kailyn's exact size, but there's no way she would fit into plus-sized clothing. And even if she did, she'd look fab! Way to put that sales associate in her place, lady.

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