The time has come to talk about Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry's arms. Or what's left of them. This blonde bombshell is covered in decorative tattoos, and not gonna lie: We love them! Kailyn's been preparing for her half sleeves for a while now, and it looks like she's finally making good on the Twitter promise she made back in May. To quote: "I'll have both half sleeves & proud in my wedding dress." Sob, get it girl!

Credit: Instagram

Kailyn already had the underside of her first half sleeve completed in December (it has roses, chains, a skull, a few vines — 'cause why not? — and a wheel), and the new portion is just as killer. From what we can tell, it features a giant skull (wearing a spider web hat), with a few roses and butterflies thrown in for good measure. Slightly scary, but whatever. Girlfriend looks amazing. 

"Working on my sleeeeve!" Kailyn posted on Instagram along with a sexy photo. "@sickinkstudios #momswithtattoos #longhairdontcare."

What do you think of Kailyn's epic new skull tattoo? Frankly, it might be even more awesome that her other skull tattoo (one is never enough), but all y'all are the experts. Hit the poll and dish your opinion about Kailyn's ink!