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Do you covet Kailyn Lowry's fabulous long hair? It's thick, wavy, lustrous and shiny. Basically, it's perfect, and now you can find out how to get your own locks of love to look just as good!

Kailyn and her best friend, Gigi, are taking to YouTube to teach the interwebs how to do hair and makeup. Considering that Gigi is a professional hair stylist, this should be great!

"My BFF is a hairstylist & we decided to start a YouTube channel for hair & make up tutorials!" Kailyn tweeted. "Wooooo. @gigikikidi"

Kailyn already has a YouTube channel, so expect the videos to pop up here when they're uploaded. We can't wait to see what Kail and Gigi have to offer, but hopefully they'll include some styles for those of us with split ends...

Source: Twitter / YouTube

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