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Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry lives in the good ol' state of Pennsylvania with her son Isaac and her boyfriend, Javi, but lately she's been chatting non-stop about how it's time to move on up.

"I can't wait to move out of the Lehigh Valley," Kailyn tweeted back in June. "It's time for bigger & better things."

Kailyn plans to move into a rent-to-buy home so she can stop wasting money, and it looks like she knows exactly what kind of crib she wants.

"My dream house will have crisp landscaping & a white, fenced in yard," Kailyn tweeted on July 18. "#someday."

Kailyn is a little young to be thinking about purchasing a house, but this gal is mature beyond her years — and she has a kiddo to think of. With a few extra jobs here and there, and her giant paycheck from MTV, it might not be long until Kailyn has enough cash saved up for a downpayment!

Next stop, The American Dream!

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Will Javi give Kailyn her dream house?

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